100% Clean Renewable Diesel Generation even when the sun does not shine.
24/7 100% Clean Renewable Energy for Mankind
The now future ultra-pure fuel generation
Breakthrough 100% clean renewable most efficient fuel generation in the planet
Upstream without exploration
Downstream without pollution



With extensive experience in gasification energy technology globally, Bethel Energy’s Raven Energy Development in the CROW Indian Reservation has the best 24/7/365 Stable clean gasification technology on the planet. Raven Energy’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Len Daniel, is the creative engineer with 40+ years in power plant and energy development. Len, as VP of LUZ, designed, built and operated SEGS 1-9 in the Mojave Desert in California.



With decades of experience in clean energy technology research, Bethel Energy is pioneering in its Raven Energy Development the now best gasification technology in the planet. Len Daniel has designed, constructed and operated the majority of the hybrid solar plants in the world, is at the helm of the now best Technology that has applied 21st century knowledge in material science, electronic engineering, and fluid dynamics to the problem of achieving the maximum value from carbon based and or municipal solid wastes (MSW) feedstock with the least environmental impact.

The research and development team at Bethel Energy’s modern offices in Alpine, California, have developed this project with a proprietary innovative gasification technology that will mark the legacy of clean renewable energy in the 21st century.


Why is the Raven Energy Development process a clean renewable technology with no competition in the renewable industry worldwide? Because there is no competing technology that has a proven successful operational record. The Raven Energy system generates Ultra-Low Sulfur High Cetane Synthetic Diesel in a process that does not involve combustion and produces no toxic or hazardous emissions to the air, ground or water. Raven Energy uses the Fischer-Tropsch process developed by Franz Fischer and Hans Tropsch in 1925. This German process converts gas (usually from coal, biomass or natural gas) into liquid fuel such as Ultra Low Sulfur Synthetic Diesel. With minor modification to the Project, Jet Fuel can be created from the Diesel produced.
Ultra Low Sulfur Synthetic Diesel with a High Cetane rating can be mixed with lower grade diesels to produce diesel of an adequate commercial Cetane rating. The Fischer-Tropsch process is well known technology and has been used globally since its development in 1925.


Merrill W. Moses

Merrill W. Moses

Executive Vice President

With over 20 years of experience in the financial sector, Merrill has saton over two (2) dozen different Corporate Boards and acted as President/CEO and/or an Officer and a Director of several Public Companies and dozens of Petroleum & Alternative Energy companies. Merrill has served as CEO and President of numerous energy corporations in the U.S. and Latin America.

Throughout his lifeMerrill has acted as an inspirational speaker a lecturer and a professional master of ceremonies with numerous state and professional awards for speaking, oration and for his voice-over abilities.

Merrill proudly created and later shepherded the non-profit 501 3-C company Revelations Foundation. which was originated to help find missing and lost children.

Theodore Jon Hogan

Theodore Jon Hogan

Executive Vice President

My name is Theodore Jon Hogan, I was born in April 17th 1945 to Alma Hogan and Clifford Singer. Elma Hogan has been awarded a dog tricks from the University of Montana premier herbal ologist and has written two books grandmother’s granddaughter and a taste of heritage. My father did work for the tribe and get some ranch work. I am the great grandson of Goes Ahead who was the Scout for General Custer and was with him at the battle. My grandfather made it out alive. I am a great grandson of Pretty Shield and was named Medicine Woman of the Crows and there is a book written by Frank B Linderman called Pretty Shield.

I grew up on the reservation until I went into the United States Army when served two tours in Southeast Asia Vietnam where I was. With the 101 airborne and the second tour I was in two Corps with MacV. I am a Green Beret and I’ve served in various places around the globe. I now belong to chapter 22 of the Green Beret Association in Phoenix Arizona.
I returned to the reservation from Europe and Ryan Reynolds youth activities program and later running tribal Administration as the personnel and programs director. I was later elected to office three terms I have worked for the tribe in Washington DC and in New York in local areas I represented the crow tribal Administration. I have put together a land base of approximately 905000 Acres of which 300 and 41000 acres is both surface and minerals.
In putting this land base together I was interested and utilizing our vast resources to produce nuclear energy and environmentally safe projects covering from the development of gas coalbed methane oil and water resources. I have put together I’ll program that would develop cold to liquid in a very clean energy way. In doing so I would like to bring in people that would help develop the entire infrastructure of our reservation to include better health programs better dietary work and education of our children and provide child placement to responsible parents and programs.

The utilization of our surface and water is to develop farming programs that will develop natural organic produce and natural organically fed cattle. I will always be an advocate or clean energy safe energy and a while being above all personnel connected with our Indian worlds. And working around the United States I feel that we can help all other Indian tribes and Indian related people to a better understanding Better Health Service and better economic autonomy. Further I would like to introduce cultures of others to our reservation so that we can promote a better understanding in the education of ourselves and the outside world.
I have always been fighting where are people and the oppressed all over the world I will continue to do that through education and environmentally sound programs.
I ran a very successful tour company in Arizona and came back to the reservation to help my people game tribal autonomy.
I have lectured on naturopathic medicine and Native American Indian philosophy and psychology HD naturopathic medicine College for doctors and nurses in Phoenix Arizona. I also lectured at the University of Maryland and Prescott College in Prescott Arizona. I also put on a program at the Rocky Mountain College with a student in Billings Montana. I went to Seoul Korea and put on a workshop for one week alone for Department of Defense teachers and the international students of Seoul Korea.
Presently I am on the Crow Indian Reservation working with the chairman of the Crow tribe to bring Economic Development an education and health programs to the Crow Indian Reservation in Montana.



Chief Executive Officer and President

Leonard P. Daniel: Chairman, CEO, Founder, Managing Member and Director of Bethel Solar LLC; Chairman, CEO, Managing Member and Founder of Bethel Solar Mexico LLC; Chairman, CEO, Managing Member and Founder of Bethel Energy, LLC; Director, COO and Founder of Bethel Reflective Corporation and Chairman, CEO and Founder of L.P. Daniel Engineers and Contractors Inc. He has overall responsibility for engineering, construction and operation.



Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Baker has over twenty years of management experience with a strong interest in the development of gasification methodologies. Prior to exploring gasification technologies as a solution, he worked with Michelin Tire Corporation for over fifteen years as a senior management executive responsible for North American field evaluation. After leaving Michelin, Mr. Baker held a series of several Plant Manager and Waste to Energy consulting positions and Technology Development.



Chief Project Engineer

Mr. Rosacker has over 30 years executive level experience directing startup, turnaround and emerging growth organizations with industry experience and extensive knowledge of energy, technology, government affairs and public sector development. Proven P&L experience with an expertise in strategic and tactical planning, business/financial plan development and implementation. Proven track record managing corporate capital structuring (Private/Public/Debt) including IPO experience. A highly energetic, results orientated visionary with strengths in strategic planning, motivating, conceptualizing, facilitating and obtaining organizational improvements.



With 2.2 million acres of sovereign land, the Crow reservation is the largest reservation in Montana, and has a membership of 16,000, of which ¾ live on the reservation and most speak Crow language.

The Crow Indian Reservation has estimated coal deposits of 17.1 Billion tons available to use as feedstock in the 1st 100% Clean Renewable REDCO gasification plant in the planet clearly serving as a role model that Coal can effectively be used without contaminating the air, water or ground.


Many of the materials to be used will be manufactured in the United States employing local skilled labor and engineers.



The 1st phase of several other Raven Energy Development projects in the CROW Sovereign nation economy will be returning millions of dollars into the CROW GDP. This 1st phase plant will produce at least 11.4 million gallons of Ultra-Low Sulfur Synthetic Diesel High in Cetane rating and at least 57.4 thousand tons of Ultra-Pure Activated Carbon. It will create approximately 750 new direct jobs and 1,500 new indirect jobs during the construction of the plant. The project will create about 30 permanent jobs and 200 indirect permanent support operations jobs including, but not limited to, employing Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical engineers. The construction time is estimated between 8 to 14 months.


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